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Learn about innovative ideas and exclusive news on digitalization in tool and die making. We are happy to share our view on things and our vision for the future.

Theme article
Do platforms work for production?
Why platforms have not yet established themselves in production.
01. February 2024 · 5 min reading time
Theme article
Digital quality control with EVOMECS
Why it is important to document quality in the process.
15. January 2024 · 2 min reading time
Theme article
Master of digital transformation
The complex challenges of project managers in digitization initiatives.
15. January 2024 · 2 min reading time
Theme article
Digitalization and responsibility
Why the right tool is not always the solution for everything.
10. January 2024 · 3 min reading time
Case studies
Tool and mold making in transition: EVOMECS as the key to the digital revolution at Henkel Modellbau
An interview with Marco Scheffel about the decision to opt for EVOMECS, the collaboration during the implementation process and the positive changes in daily working practice.
01. December 2023 · 4 min reading time
Case studies
Growing together: The partnership between R&R Formentechnik and EVOMECS
From challenges to successes - a look at developments, current benefits and future plans.
29. November 2023 · 3 min reading time
Theme article
Great data - and now?
Once data silos have been broken down and high-quality data has been made available, the question arises as to what benefits this data offers.
24. November 2023 · 2 min reading time