Die Partner von Evomecs

Stronger together

Great visions can only be realized with the right partners. We are therefore pleased to have a steadily growing number of strong partnerships.

HEIDENHAIN Partner Automation

HEIDENHAIN is a traditional and innovative partner in the machine tool industry. With its automation partner program, HEIDENHAIN supports its customers in the deeper integration of controls into automated production.

EVOMECS has already successfully realized numerous automation projects involving systems with HEIDENHAIN controls. EVOMECS has been part of the Automation Partner Program since January 2024.

OPS-INGERSOLL Funkenerosion GmbH

OPS-INGERSOLL Funkenerosion GmbH in Burbach is a manufacturer of high-speed milling machines, spark erosion machines and automation systems. As a trendsetter, OPS-INGERSOLL sets new standards in EDM, HSC and automation technology. In the technology network, the milling machines and die-sinking EDM machines can be automated with standard and linear robot systems.

EVOMECS has been the software partner for OPS-INGERSOLL's automated technology network systems since 2020. OPS-INGERSOLL manufacturing cells equipped with the EVOMECS job management system can later be seamlessly expanded by the customer to include all other EVOMECS components such as MES and tool management. Closed stand-alone solutions are thus a thing of the past for customers of OPS-INGERSOLL Funkenerosion GmbH. A partnership for the future.

Haimer Microset

HAIMER is a family-run, medium-sized company in the Bavarian town of Igenhausen near Augsburg. Haimer Microset complements the Haimer product portfolio and stands for innovative technologies for measuring and setting tools for metal cutting. With HAIMER Microset, Industry 4.0 can be implemented extremely easily and reliably in the tooling sector - fully automatic tool measuring via measuring macros, combined HAIMER shrinking and presetting technology as a complete solution or bidirectional interfaces for continuous data communication with CAD/CAM, tool management systems and machine tools.

EVOMECS cooperates with Haimer in the area of integration of tool presetting devices into the digital workflow.

Technical University Deggendorf

With deep roots in its Lower Bavarian homeland, Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences has developed since 1994 into the most successful new university of applied sciences founded in Bavaria in the 1990s. Teaching focuses on the fields of business, technology, digitalization and health.

EVOMECS cooperates with TH Deggendorf and the team of Prof. Dr. Ludwig Gansauge with regard to the scalable implementation of process knowledge for the continuous digitalization of the entire value chain in tool and mold making.

DEMOFABRIK-Z4 – Automatisierte Zerspanung der Zukunft

In the Z4 demo factory, it will be possible, in conjunction with other partner companies, to see how a pinion shaft with keyway can be produced automatically without human assistance. The aim is to show what happens when faults occur in the process and how they can be eliminated automatically without human assistance. This is where the software developed by EVOMECS comes into play.

In addition, an integrated production will be demonstrated together with EVOMECS, with which a production with smallest lot sizes is possible through the networked cooperation of all machines.


You also have great visions?

If you would also like to become an EVOMECS partner or have any questions about our partnerships,
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