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Digital quality control with EVOMECS

Why it is important to document quality in the process.
15. January 2024 · 2 min reading time

In our workshops with customers, we often discuss the topic of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and their importance. A central question that comes up again and again: What actually is MES and why is it so important? "In a digitalized world where speed often determines success or failure, it is crucial to look at MES. But it's not just about speed.

Quality must not be neglected, especially in singel part production. This is where an MES system can act as an intelligent addition to production. Digitalized processes make it possible to bring information quickly and precisely to where it is needed. This information is continuously supplemented and completed along the value chain.

One decisive advantage is that this data can be accessed at any time to enable a rapid response. In collaboration with its customers, EVOMECS has developed an innovative feature that enables seamless quality evaluation in the digital process. A decisive advantage of digital quality management is the consistency of the process. Every relevant piece of information must be entered at the designated point; it is not possible to bypass it in our digital solution. This increases transparency and enables an immediate response in the event of faults in the process.

Another advantage is the seamless documentation. Where conventional paper processes often lead to a loss of information, the digital process from EVOMECS ensures a complete overview. This is particularly advantageous in the continuous improvement process (CIP). Errors can be analyzed, filtered and rectified retrospectively.

At EVOMECS, we are always striving to increase the potential of SMEs in terms of their economic performance. Our new quality function can make an important contribution to this. We invite you to contact us to find out more about how we can support your business.

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