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Great data - and now?

Once data silos have been broken down and high-quality data has been made available, the question arises as to what benefits this data offers.
24. November 2023 · 2 min reading time

When EVOMECS is used in production, an extremely extensive treasure trove of data is created due to the system's high level of data consistency. This data can be processed and displayed to an increasing extent by EVOMECS itself, but can also be aggregated by external systems such as PowerBI or Tableau to create highly informative reports.

So what can be done with this data? In our view, there are three key benefits that can be derived from high-quality data:

Process optimization and increased efficiency

  • Real-time monitoring: Good production data enables real-time monitoring of production processes. This means that deviations can be detected and rectified immediately to ensure smooth and efficient production.
  • Identification of bottlenecks: Bottlenecks in the production process can be identified by analyzing manufacturing data. This enables targeted measures for optimization and resource allocation, but also for improving the processes themselves.

Quality improvement and error prevention

  • Real-time quality control: With good production data, companies can monitor the quality of their products in real time. This enables the early identification of quality problems and the implementation of corrective measures before faulty products reach the end customer.
  • Traceability: Manufacturing data enables complete traceability of products. In the event of quality problems, companies can quickly locate the source of the problem and recall or replace affected products.

Cost savings and resource optimization

  • Inventory management: Precise records of production data allow inventory management to be optimized. Companies can forecast the demand for materials and resources more accurately to minimize storage costs and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Predictive maintenance: Manufacturing data enables the implementation of predictive maintenance, where the condition of machines is monitored. This leads to optimized maintenance planning, reduces downtimes and extends the service life of systems.

The correct collection, analysis and application of manufacturing data therefore helps to increase operational efficiency, improve product quality and reduce costs. Companies that successfully exploit these benefits can be more competitive and respond more flexibly to changes in their markets.

What is special about EVOMECS is that this data is to a certain extent a by-product of using the system. The company therefore benefits twice over: both through the direct rationalization effects that the system enables in day-to-day operations and through the data that is generated directly during use. Not to mention the development of data-based business models and the associated potential strategic options for action.

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